Being Cognizant: Celebrating the 5-Year Veggiversary!

A series about the ways I work towards being cognizant through decisions that make me more mentally engaged with various facets of my day-to-day life.

Cognizance (noun): Awareness, realization, notice, knowledge, perception.

On March 1st, I celebrated five years since I started following a veg*an lifestyle!

I am not perfectly inside one dietary box, in that I do not exclusively eat vegan but I do not eat meat and I try to purchase items that are friendly to animals in addition to not eating meat or consuming many animal by-products. It has been a journey for the mind and body as I try to find balance of protein, exercise, iron, vitamins, and satiation. I haven’t been the best at finding this balance, but I have really enjoyed the journey and the way it has caused me to reflect on what I eat more often (and the food blogs I have discovered for vegan baking along the way).

Each year, I celebrate by going to a beloved vegetarian restaurant. For three years, I did this with my vegetarian partner-in-crime before he returned to the omnivorous side, but he joined me each year to celebrate my personal continued commitment to keep vegging out. This year, a different partner-in-crime joined me for a new celebratory location – C.C. and I went to Meet on Main for a late-night vegan dinner!

We shared a plate of Hot Chiggin’ Things before moving on to a bowl of goodies for C.C. and a BLT Croissantwich for myself, followed by a chocolate raspberry crumble (tears of joy).

3 thoughts on “Being Cognizant: Celebrating the 5-Year Veggiversary!

  1. Going totally veggie is a big commitment to make for sure! I did it for about a year and slowly weaned off, but we still try to make sure to eat free-range, organic, cruelty free etc. My husband has an incredible metabolism and just cant survive off plants but I have talked him into at least doing a few veggie nights a week.


    1. I try to be cruelty-free and free-run/range wherever I can with my eggs, which I still eat fairly regularly. 🙂 So long as I’m buying items from humans that treat other animals well and doing my best to only invest in kind companies, I feel like I’m doing what I can at this point in my life for my brain and body!


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