#MakeGoodFood: Peanut Butter Dumplings

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J and I have been trying out recipes from Good Food CA recently, and I thought it might be fun to share some behind-the-scenes of our recent foray into pre-portioned ingredient meal kits!

Each week you decide to opt in, a refrigerated (and completely recyclable) box arrives at your door with as many meals with as many portions as you have indicated a preference for.

You can see more of our food adventures on my personal Instagram story highlights! These meals are incredibly photogenic in addition to their deliciousness.


Peanut Butter Dumplings with Sesame Green Beans

This meal made me realize that something seemingly complicated such as dumpling construction does not need to be feared! As usual, we started out with the “mise en place” section of the instructions and set ourselves up to build the meal.

Next, we prepared the innards and… Uppards? We made the dumpling filling and the peanut sauce that would go on top! One takeaway from these ingredient boxes for me will be the creation of sauces and simple vegetable combinations to create bottom layers or fillings for dishes.

While our green beans and their sesame seed toppings were roasting away, we took what we had been cooking up on the stove and started to prepare the dumplings. This is where my fear of dumplings dissipated: We just put a teaspoon or two of filling on each little doughy circle and then used wetted fingers to twist them into dumpling shapes! Easy peasy.

In the pan, we arranged our little beauties and covered them to cook for a short time until they assumed their more translucent appearance, indicating completion of cooking. Then, we plated them and added our OH-SO-DELICIOUS green beans (I love roasted vegetables – does anyone not?).

Finally, we topped them off with the peanut sauce we had cooked up in the pot and enjoyed an incredibly delicious, yet simple, meal! I kid you not, we talked about them for the next 24 hours to only each other, and we both already knew how good they were.



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