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#KTTeats documents my food-finding adventures.


It’s been a while, friends! I thought it would be ideal to kick off my return from hiatus with some gratuitous food photography.

A few weeks ago, we had family visit shortly (two days) after moving into a new apartment. It was a hectic week, to say the least.

However, in addition to great company, family visiting (especially for a special occasion, such as a birthday) always means one magical thing: DINING OUT.

For some reason, no one is really interested in eating my steamed or fried vegetables and faux chick’n tenders when they’re visiting from out of town, so we end up checking out fun restaurants! That is exactly what happened in this instance.

Without further ado, I present our key food stops:


Stop 1: Library Bar (The Fairmont Royal York)

High tea is a beloved dining out experience of mine, so I was very excited to be partaking in the Fairmont’s vegan high tea offerings! I had a plateful of tiny vegan-friendly sandwiches, followed by a splendid dessert and scone selection.

(Catching the bubbles after pouring one’s tea is a sign of good fortune!)


Stop 2: FIGO

One of the loveliest ceilings I’ve had the pleasure of dining under!

FIGO was a last-minute plan that came together in a beautiful way with a host from the restaurant that worked with me to negotiate some seating during prime-time! I, personally, felt that we became instant friends.

Our FIGO meal started at a high, glass table beneath a beautiful ceiling covered in large roses. We began with cocktails (mine was the FIGO Cocktail – a deliciously light and citrus-y mix) followed by some fun appetizers that included marinated olives, caprese salad, and very unexpectedly tall and winding fried zucchini!

For the mains, the table had a mixture of salads, pizza, and pasta – mine was a customized dairy- and meat-free spaghetti with fresh herbs and tomatoes (very simple, very good).


Stop 3: Insomnia

If you haven’t had the opportunity to stop by Insomnia for brunch, I have to tell you: You’re missing out.

They are a quirky place with unusually comfortable (but, perhaps, not dining-friendly seating) and fairy lights adorning the long corridor to the lounge in the back. Local artists’ work adds a fun flare to the decor.

On my second brunch outing to Insomnia, I couldn’t resist ordering the buckwheat short-stack PB&J pancakes again. They are vegan-friendly and smothered in delicious fruit compote and creamy peanut butter – the added maple syrup ensures no dry bites and a highly delicious meal.

If you aren’t opposed to some eggs and dairy, the oven-baked pancake (which is, quite literally, a cake) would have to be my recommendation. It could easily feed four and is truly a sight to behold.

Stop 4: Jacobs & Co Steakhouse

I have found, through 7 years of vegetarianism, that steakhouses have developed a capacity to surprise with their veg*n offerings! While our server at Jacobs & Co seemed bemused by my desire to avoid meat and dairy, he did find menu options that suited my fancy.

I didn’t photograph my food, but I had an egg- and dairy-free Caesar salad (avocado-based and delicious) and a variety of side dishes that included carrots, mushrooms, and bread. My co-diners said that the steaks they ordered were some of the best they’ve ever had – take it from them, I guess!

However, our final treat of the trip awaited us at home after dinner….



To cap off a great visit, we all gathered around a small-but-mighty vegan vanilla cake from Bunner’s Bakeshop in Kensington Market.

These cakes are dense but delicious, and are free of gluten and animal by-products! They also support a diverse workforce and kindly ask that you don’t gender their employees (more businesses should demonstrate such cultural values!).


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