About Me

I hail from Western Canada and currently reside in its eastern region, and am fortunate to call traditional Indigenous land “home” for myself. I use the pronouns she and her(s). I am part of a web of family, friends, school, coast, country, and feminist, anti-racist thinkers. My happy place usually contains chocolate, a camera, and my loved ones.

My blog started as a platform for sharing reviews for the 2014 Hot Chocolate Festival in Vancouver and grew into space to share photos year-round. Now, I hope that it will continue to be a way for me to share my stories, but through a more refined lens that focuses in on a few key values of mine: Foodfeminist thinking, and photography.

When I can combine any of the things I do – eating, thinking, photographing, exploring – I find great joy in sharing in those moments with others. In saying that, I offer a taste of why the blog has its name – capturing moments amid life’s motions, two ideas I often find myself moved by.


If ever you want me to help you out with capturing your moments, let me know! If you want to see my photography page, you can check out In A Tizzy Photography on Facebook.

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