Don’t follow your passion – foster it.

My last post was somewhat-obnoxiously but somewhat-accurately entitled "How to Become Better", and it featured summaries of videos and podcasts that outlined strategies and theories relating to self-improvement. These were not strategies to attain such contentious goals as eating better, achieving mental peace, or weight loss; indeed, the summaries I shared were strategies to connect with external [...]

$20 Coupon for PHOTOJOJO!

If you haven't already heard me talk about Photojojo, you haven't seen me struggle to articulate my love for a website.I believe that if Photojojo was a single person, we would be best friends. However, Photojojo is a culmination of a multitude of different people from across the US (and maybe a few in Canada [...]

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

I consider myself a somewhat indecisive individual.Many people that know me on a moderate to intimate level would also consider me somewhat indecisive.Individuals who don't know me at all, but who are in positions where they are asking me to make a decision (anyone asking for my food order) would probably consider me fairly anxious [...]

Looking Back on 21

Today marks the last of an exciting 365 days traveling around the sun.When I look back at the past year, I feel pleased with accomplishments in my relationships, my academics, and my personal growth.In short:I have spent a great deal of time on introspection regarding my personal life, my future professional life, and my values [...]