Upcoming Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival: 2014

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This is a very exciting time of year for warm, chocolaty beverage consumers (such as myself).

Vancouver’s 4th annual Hot Chocolate Festival begins in 6 more days! There are 24 locations and 28 days of the festival, so it sounds like many of my days are going to be painted with warm, brown strokes of deliciousness (the chocolate kind).

Little did I realize, in my chocolate-induced craze during last year’s festival, that the event is also in support of the Downtown Eastside women’s job skills program – even better! There are many more winners in this than only those who indulge in the magical creations of the chocolate vendors.

I strongly encourage anyone who has time to visit one location in Vancouver, as there are different types for everyone – even if you don’t like plain chocolate (are you feeling alright?)!

The promo video has been released, and speaks to only a small portion of what will be offered (Bella Gellateria was a favourite from last year for me – three different types, and homemade banana bread on the side!).

Click here to watch the promo video!

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