HoCho Fest Day 7: Mint To Be

In a Tizzy Avatar

After a somewhat stressful dinner experience, I made my way over to Blenz to snag the day’s hot chocolate festival item before all of the stores closed. I was pleased that my original hot chocolate location closed after all, because the second Blenz option was rather nice!

An organic peppermint tea infusion combined with Belgian milk chocolate. 
Served with a mini chocolate croissant.
($4.25 sans croissant)

Unfortunately, for the second time, I went without the mini chocolate croissant! While this was disappointing, I went forth into my beverage-consuming experience. I ordered it with soy as the flavour itself was milk chocolate infused with organic peppermint tea – so while I could not avoid that dairy, I did what I could with the soy. The peppermint flavour was stronger than I had expected, as I have tried steeped tea hot chocolates of this sort before – and this one was much more quality! The peppermint flavour was strong and well-blended with the smooth chocolate.
The soy milk was smooth and delicious as usual, and it took in the minty chocolate flavours easily. Simplicity really defined the entire flavour experience, but in an elegant and effective way – just the kind of beverage to finish the night with! Texturally, the drink was light, as I believe the peppermint tea kept the drink from settling and sitting heavily on the tongue, and it was very easy to drink.

Tomorrow, I believe,  shall be an exciting adventure – with many different flavours being shared amongst the three of us that shall go – EXCITING.

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