HoCho Fest Day 9: The Intimate Act

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Today was a slightly unpleasant day for my physical well-being – body aches, nasuea, foggy-headedness. The foggy weather made my state feel very real, but I trudged through the beginning of my day and wondered whether or not it was wise to get hot chocolate, particularly from the nearby location (due to time constraints) that was serving a white hot chocolate. I decided I may as well, as it was on my to-do list and I would feel worse for having not checked it off! With that, I made my way to Beaucoup Bakery & Café.

The decor of the the café was warm and homey, and brought life to what would otherwise be a very industrial-looking neighbourhood. I was pleased to be offered the option of a small, medium, or large beverage; this way, I would pay less in the face of my upset stomach. I discovered that the flavour had, in fact, changed a day earlier than what was listed online – now it was milk chocolate rather than white chocolate! That was a step in the right direction, at least. I discovered with this change came a new flavour blended into the chocolate – passion fruit! My second of the festival and of my life of hot chocolate consumption. As this was my second time encountering passion fruit, I was sure to order it with soy milk rather than almond this time. 

Milk Chocolate with passionfruit
Served with a hazelnut cookie.
Available: January 28 – February 5

When the order arrived on the counter, it was a perfectly small drink with a small cookie on the side – 
evidently, a white chocolate hazelnut strudel cookie. I detected no white chocolate, but the hazelnut was yummy and the wee cookie deliciously textured. I sat down and sipped my drink: Immediately evident milky chocolate flavour and equally evident passion fruit overtones. The creaminess of the soy and chocolate seemed to absorb the fruitiness in the way I would have liked for my first time with the flavour. It was a little milky for my preference, but it was small-sized and reasonably priced! The overall flavour was balanced and creamy, without an overpowering sense of passion fruit (which I appreciated).

I would return for tea, baking, and a delicious pear sandwich!

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