HoCho Fest Day 11: Magnifique Brunette

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A wonderful end to the previous evening left me feeling relaxed today, a day where I had very little going on in the middle of my day, but commitments that required me to return by a decent hour to get things done with wifi available. I decided upon a more eastern location for hot chocolate today, and made my way over to French Made Baking.

The great thing about some of these places is that when they seem to suggest a certain country of origin (such as Bella Gelatería from the other day), the individuals who are employed there have the background and accents to match! French Made Baking did not disappoint in this regard, as I asked the barista to repeat a handful of phrases because I am terrible with accents – it was great!

With this festival being so full of things to experience, I always go for the combo when getting the hot chocolates (and always go to the gym before heading out to get them) – if there is a treat to be offered alongside the beverage, it will be included. Today’s bonus treat turned out to be double the fun – two chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons! They complemented the beverage, as its blend of flavours were almost exclusively chocolate and coconut.

I paid what I thought to be a fair amount for the drink and its two rather filling treats alongside, and made my way to a artfully decorated table, small enough for two to share a couple of cappuccinos at, but not much more. It went along with the interior of the small café, which felt… French? I have never been to France, but this felt like what I would imagine it being like.

Valrhona Araguani Dark Chocolate (72%) with coconut milk and toasted coconut. 
Served with “Congolais” (coconut macaroon dipped in chocolate).
Available: January 18, 24, 29 and Feb 3, 8, 13

The dark taste of the chocolate settled on the back of my tongue, while the sweetness of the coconut milk and coconut shavings settled on my tongue’s tip. I had expected the drink to be thick and heavy, but it was instead surprisingly light and not overly filling; the macaroons took care of that aspect for me. If you are a fan of coconut flavour, this whole drink and snack experience should be very enjoyable! There are no hidden undertones or overtones or extra flavours thrown in – it is hot chocolate made with coconut milk, and it is great (speaking as a fan of coconut). The beverage was simple and, with its treats, made for a nice afternoon snack. The macaroons were sweet and full of chewy coconut texture, and the chocolate-dipped portion added some smoothness to each bite.

French Made Baking appears to have a wide range of items available for lunch, snack, or thirst desires – and seeing “crepes” on the menu was a sure sign (for me) that the small location had promise to entice my return. I also happened to encounter and speak briefly with a woman who was also on a Hot Chocolate Festival journey of her own! She was trying to catch up after missing the first week, and was having two drinks each day (whew).

 Tomorrow should be fun!

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