HoCho Fest Day 15: Aloha Sweetie

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Another lovely day in the homeland – very chilly, but bright and sunny. It was a nice day to go have brunch with the first year family, and then go home for a few hours to celebrate the birthdays of more family!

JA’s brunch.
My brunch! Oatmeal cooked in apple juice. 

 As I was very tight on time, I went to snag a hot chocolate I had been dodging because of its white chocolate content (despite how sweet I once knew that flavour to be); however, today I returned to Terra Breads for their “Aloha Sweetie” festival item.

Barry Callebaut White Hot Chocolate with hibiscus flower.
Served with mountain berry marshmallow and lemon sugar cookie.

I was disappointed to learn that this item on their menu had no dairy-free milk option, as it is pre-mixed for heating and aerating I suppose! Since I had no time to change plans if I wanted to get home in time, my fellow and I decided to share a few sips of this one and then be on our way (with two small and very delicious vanilla raspberry Valentine’s cookies in hand).

“Aloha Sweetie” was exciting as it was pink, rather than any expected shade of chocolaty brown. Hibiscus sounded interesting as well, and I considered how it may compare to my only other notable experience with hibiscus – The Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher from Starbucks. 

I was surprised by how strong the hibiscus flavour was! It was potent, but not bitter. The flavour was stronger than that of the Starbucks Refresher, but kept sweet and smooth because of the white chocolate. It was also interesting to have the flavour warm, as I had only ever tried it ice-cold before. The marshmallow it came with was huge! It was “mountain berry” flavoured; I did try a bite, out of curiosity, and if I still ate gelatin I imagine it would have been a filling and fruity and yummy treat to indulge in. There was also a sugar cookie included; nothing noteworthy to say about it, other than it was cute and standard and enjoyable! I enjoy the ambience of this Kitsilano location and their selection of foods and other items beyond bread (who knew?)

This one was not left empty; 
but if you don’t mind dairy, I imagine
you’ll have a good time!


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