HoCho Fest Day 19: Hera’s Habit

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Thursdays are long days, and long days call for a reward. Luckily, I can count on every day holding a reward of some sort during the hot chocolate festival! Today I reaped my day’s prize at none other than Cocoa Nymph, who is into their third festival item introduced this week.

“Hera’s Habit”
Made from 50% deep milk chocolate with malted milk balls.
Served with vanilla bean cinnamon shortbread.

As is usual, I ordered my beverage with a dairy-free alternative to reduce the effects of existing milk in the drink’s components. It was delicious. The “deep milk chocolate” was smooth and added weight to the lighter almond milk’s body. The chocolate’s flavour was really excellent. 

Malted milk ball.

 The malt ball on its own was grainy – and good! Particularly with the hot chocolate becoming mixed in with it. I learned what malt is so that I would understand what I was consuming before I mixed it into the drink – and I suppose it is basically grain that has been “steeped, germinated, and dried”, and reminded me of eating cereal that had been left for quite some time in a bowl of milk – which is DELICIOUS (personal taste). 

Once it was all mixed in, I found the malt added new texture and weight to the drink, and allowed the taste to settle and linger on my tongue for longer and really gave all of my tastebuds the opportunity to experience the drink.

As for the cookie, it was distinctly cinnamony – it was not moist (since it was a sugar cookie), and therefore begged to be dipped into the hot chocolate. This of course led to the blending of vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate; all of which get along very well.

After a long Thursday, this full-bodied drink with gentle flavours that seemed to give my tongue a hug with every sip was just the ticket to carry me through the rest of the evening’s obligations. As well, to celebrate the successful completion of the most tedious part of my academic week.

The shop is warm and cozy-feeling, and I hope to return to try their final item, which sounds amazing! I had actually hoped it had come out today, but I am by no means disappointed by what I had. Come Saturday, I may return. In the meantime, I will look fondly upon my solitary time spent in Cocoa Nymph today as their only customer at the time, as I enjoyed what was a delicious treat.

Hmm, I kind of like this font again…

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