HoCho Fest Day 21: Winter Citrus

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Today(yesterday)’s festival item was truly a blessing in how it soothed my very fragile mind from today (yesterday)! The day had felt overwhelming for no identifiable reason, so a kind offer to accompany me to my location for the day was very welcomed. Location of choice: The Last Crumb Cafe.

According to their website, The Last Crumb was started by two sisters who were/are “obsessed with food” – and it shows! It has an atmosphere that, to me, showed an expression of fun-loving passion for what they do. Evidence to further their food obsession claim is found in the pastry cabinets, full of scones and cookies and cookie sandwiches and pies and cakes that all look homemade. While I did not buy one, I would very much like to at some point.

Take a trip to Seville with this hot chocolate flavoured with orange blossom.
Served with a orange vanilla marshmallow.

 Note: Cost may be increased due to getting it with almond milk!
I was firstly impressed by the wonderful foam on this drink – almond milk is tough to get foamy sometimes! It immediately reminded me of a Christmas chocolate orange (the kind that you “whack and unwrap”)! I personally enjoy those flavours together, so it was delicious for me. Not everyone is a fan of fruit and chocolate, though. 

Beyond the foam, the orange-chocolate flavour became more clearly its orange blossom-chocolate flavour – there was an added aroma to the flavour, as the milk was much more heavily infused with it than was the foam of the drink. It took a few sips to get used to, but once I did, it was lovely! A welcomed aftertaste that warmed me up on what was another very chilly day.

It was thicker and creamier than I had expected, perhaps this came from the type of chocolate used to make the drink; regardless, the almond milk turned out to be a nice choice. The nutty, chocolaty, and citrusy flavours all meshed well together for my liking! Personally, I believe it would make a good chocolate bar flavour.

The orange vanilla marshmallow was gigantic and covered in vanilla powder that blew across the table every time we took a breath near the cup, ha ha. It added a slight vanilla sweetness to the drink.

I loved the decorations inside the shop – plates and elegant tea cups all over the walls made it dainty and reminded me of a grandmother’s collection, but presented in a younger and more modern way. Definitely inspiring for future decorating ideas!

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