Summer To-Do List (Ongoing)

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Every day, I make a to-do list on my Brookstone Boogie Board:
I can easily write and erase my lists for
environmentally-friendly prioritizing!
I check off items as I go throughout the day, and it is a very simple way that I love using to stay organized, reflect on what needs to be done (and in what order), and to feel satisfied with each “check!” placed beside an item.

For the summer, I think an ongoing list would be nice to upkeep, so I shall endeavour to do so and see how many items I can cross off. For starters, I have a few basic items and a few that are unique to this summer:

  1. Get outside for at least an hour each day!
    It may sound simple, but it’s easy to stay inside when it is hot and bright all the time.
  2. Develop a new healthy food routine to work around flexible summer schedules.
  3. Stay on top of an exercise routine or schedule.
  4. Try a 30-Minute Hit women’s kickboxing class.
    Free trial has already been booked! Will cross this one off early on in May.
  5. Go to my 3rd Calgary Stampede! 102nd anniversary.
    Timing of this event will fall near another related to-do list item…
  6. Celebrate my 21st in some sort of exciting way.
    I definitely want to use this as an excuse to cross off #7.
  7. Road trip for a day or two across the border!
    G’s parentals have kindly provided us with the A-OK to spend the night in their extra space!
  8. Visit UBC a few times and become familiar with my upcoming role as an RA
    i.e., visit the PRC and have fun times
  9. Read two new books.
    I would like to finish An Abundance of Katherines and read into my Body Language for Dummies and 30-Second Psychology books – plus a new novel I may come across!
  10. Get back into writing.
    Ideally, I would be making that more of a reality with the blog… But physical pen-to-paper writing would be very soothing to return to often.

This list will be on-going throughout the summer vacation!

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