Dining/Employment Discovery: Vegan Vices!

In a Tizzy Avatar

My first job offer has arrived! It doesn’t strike me as the average summer job for a student, though – nor the average internship. However, I am very excited to be a part of what could be a formative summer for Vegan Vices – a manufacturer of healthy, gluten-free, vegan baked goods! 

I am excited to learn a little bit about business, a lot more about baking (of the healthy, animal-product-free variety), and to test my ability to think creatively and help expose the world to the deliciousness that is Vegan Vices (I’ve been fortunate enough to sample several items already).

Double-chocolate chip cookies, key-lime cookies, peanut butter pucks,
chocolate chip banana bread, and Chi Cake – all vegan/healthy/gluten free!

More updates to come with more shifts and adventures.

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