Spring: The First Few Weeks

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The last week has been fun!

And full of food adventures.

Since my first day at work, just over a week ago, I have declined two job interviews on account of being unable to commit to the hours of the position if it were offered to me, I attended a day of rodeo fun, and I got my ‘Wack fix!

Before I continue, I will provide some photographic updates of my food adventures in the first week or so of being off school…

Strawberry-infused H2O.

A delicious salad from Town Hall.

Mom’s vegan casserole!

Mom’s eggy breakfast with Daiya
cheese and veggies for me!

Vegetarian “chicken” fillet with
mushroom gravy and yummyness.

This is Abby Cadabby, she has been my amiga through most mornings and evenings at home! She carries my tea.
Cyrina’s first experience at The Naam –
Thai Dragon Bowl-style.
Mother’s Day – SUSHI!

Making copious amounts of juice with MZ and G!

The weeks have progressed with some much-needed friend visits (more are needed, though), a great deal of catching up on TV shows, missing my fella’, going on a few adventures and touring friends around my home turf…

The uncertainty of the future with my current job is somewhat exciting, despite the fact that it is a bit unnerving. I think it will involve many learning curves and a lot of delicious baking – that sounds like a good deal to me either way…

The flexibility also gives the the chance to explore my summer opportunities a bit more! I can go on little trips, get in my friend and family time, and establish my incoming-residence-advisor presence at school over the summer (at go to Summer Community Eats). 

All-in-all, things are going well and while I’ve turned away from a couple of different opportunities, I am also going into one that is very interesting and full of nice company and yummy treats! I am also content with my decision to stay at home, as it has been very rejuvenating to be here.

More photo updates will come (along with some stories, I hope!) following a trip to see m’boy and to explore Seattle and Portland with G! This hasn’t been a very in-depth update, but it has been more of a time to be laid-back and to take it easy than to do too much in-depth exploration and thinking.

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