Pumpkin Challenge 2015: Days 6 – 25

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I have obviously become busy and thus neglectful of my Pumpkin Challenge blogging.


Day 6: Vegan chocolate-chip pumpkin cookies (courtesy of Food.com)

Day 7: Vegan pumpkin-pie brownies (courtesy of Chocolate-Covered Katie)

Day 8: Iced soy pumpkin spice latte (courtesy of Starbucks)

Day 9: Veggie hot pot (there is pumpkin hidden in the back)

Day 10: Grandma’s homemade pumpkin and seed treats

Day 11: Vegan pumpkin pie (courtesy of Chocolate-Covered Katie)

Day 12: Friendsgiving pumpkin pie at UB’s

Day 13: Pumpkin-Ovaltine cocoa

Day 14: Attempted vegan pumpkin fudge (courtesy of Chocolate-Covered Katie and my tiny food processor)

Day 15: Pumpkin croquette (courtesy of Sun Sushi)

Day 16: Pumpkin spice waffles (courtesy of Nature’s Path)

Day 17: Almond-milk pumpkin spice latte (courtesy of Blenz)

Day 18: Pumpkin pie smoothie or “the best smoothie I’ve ever had” (courtesy of the Juice Truck)

Day 19: Vegan pumpkin oat bars (courtesy of Chocolate-Covered Katie)

Day 20: Vegan pumpkin Yonanas ice cream

Day 21: Pumpkin spice muffin (courtesy of Tim Horton’s)

Day 22: Pumpkin spice doughnut (courtesy of Cartems)

Day 23: Failed batch of pumpkin cinnamon rolls (courtesy of Chocolate-Covered Katie and my poor track record with using yeast)

Day 24: Pumpkin risotto (courtesy of Chocolate-Covered Katie)

Day 25: Pumpkin risotto take 2 (courtesy of Chocolate-Covered Katie)

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