12 Days of Plant-Based Cookies: Days 8 + 9

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A short-term challenge for the month of December courtesy of Earth Balance! I am pretty excited to have some motivation to do some vegan baking this month. Some of the recipes are out of order from the website’s sequence, but I’ll make sure we cover everything.


Donut Icing Cookies


These cookies began with a great struggle.

The process of mixing the dough for kneading was clearly not yielding the results it should have as I attempted to roll out the dough into something that would be flat enough to turn into cookies. I was doubting early on that they would turn out with a texture that would hold and be enjoyable. As I progressed, though, the cookies continued to bake and come off of the sheet fairly easily, and the icing came together – topped with shredded coconut and flavoured with peppermint – creating a really light and fun cookie platter!


Raspberry Chia Crumble Bars


As with so many of my recipes, this one was a first for me, making a crumble.

I have experienced many delicious crumbles in my day from a variety of recipes, many of which are fairly straightforward, requiring few ingredients. This recipe was not especially complicated, but I can see how a powerful food processor might have been helpful. However, the filling was really the show-stopper, and it was ahmahzing.


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  1. BeaFreitas

    These all look so delicious, think I’ll give them all a go !


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