Pumpkin Challenge 2017: Welcome!

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Friends, it is one of the greatest times of the year: The Pumpkin Challenge.

This is my 7th annual challenge where I take on each day of October and consume something containing pumpkin in some way. It could be in the form of the gourd’s seeds, spices in a syrup, or pureed goodness in baking. Whatever its shape, I will consume it if it is a day in the month of October.

You may have noticed that we are almost halfway through the month – fret not, for I have been consuming every day despite my neglected documentation of it on the blog. My Instagram has been covering everything, and my photography page and account will also be updated soon.

What started as a challenge fueled by store-bought goods has turned into a baking adventure and mission to explore local cafes, bakeries, and restaurants – especially if they’re serving up vegan options!

Favourites across time have included pumpkin croquette from the beloved Sun Sushi in Vancouver, Nature’s Path pumpkin spice waffles and granola, and even some pumpkin green smoothies (yes, there is more than one recipe for this online).

Now that I have moved to a new city, this month feels extra-important as it is the first time I’ve done it away from home and gives me a small challenge to overcome every day and some structure to my weeks as I adjust – I either need to bake or create something at home or I need to go discover some new establishment that is serving up pumpkin goodness to match the season. It can be stressful ensuring that I find something every day when I’m busy or sick or just unmotivated, but it has brought some familiarity and comfort, as well as some unfamiliarity that is necessary to make myself feel like I have a place here.

With all of that – let’s begin!


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  1. pittoresca

    really cool idea! starbucks offers a pumpkin spice latte if you ever feel like it 😉
    xx Eliane


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