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After attending half of the Careers in Student Affairs Workshop and half of the Arts Careers Xploration, I do not know what I want to do with my life.

I attended only half of the first workshop because it overlapped (most unfortunately) with the second. It was disappointing for me to leave early, as I was engaged in the panelists’ stories and their enthusiasm about their work at UBC made me feel excited as well.

I attended only half of the second careers exploration because it didn’t pull me in – I suppose I was not mentally invested in it in the first place. So much discussion of careers and post-graduation plans works its way into my daily life that listening to some established individuals discuss how they recently transitioned from students to professionals was almost frustrating for me. There were descriptions of luck and chance and killing time after they received their degrees before landing the jobs they are currently in; however, something about it just didn’t engage me. Perhaps it was that particular session about careers in marketing and communications that didn’t ‘speak to me’, but I left before the second session so now we won’t know!

Potential takeaways:

  • People working at UBC in student affairs love their jobs and it made me excited.
  • Working as a barista can be a good time-killer before being hired by a world-class marketing firm.
Personally, I think that those are adequate takeaways. With no goal in mind right now, I think the best I can do is continue on with what I’m doing and reach out to opportunities that pull me towards them. It is those that I believe will ultimately contribute (directly or indirectly) in some way to what I decide to make my next big step. I keep reminding myself that my first career or path does not have to be the only one I commit to, though I do want it to be a meaningful one that I can enjoy for some time and gain new skills and knowledge from.

My time as a member of the RHA has been something I’ve really enjoyed, perhaps it will take me somewhere I cannot see yet.

We shall see.

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