A Baking Break

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Today is a busy day, and to alleviate any potential stress on my mind (and my chocolate-infused blood) I have taken to stay closer to campus today and attend a couple different career workshops (which I imagine I will have something to say about later).

However, without wanting to shock my system by having no chocolate, I will indulge in a bit of homemade chocolate chip banana bread (vegan), adopted from Chocolate Covered Katie’s “Polka Dot Banana Bread” recipe.

I added almond’s on top and a thin layer of granola in the middle for some texture here and there.

Vegan chocolate chip banana bread with almonds and granola.

It is glorious when warmed up and covered in some sort of buttery spread (I use Becel’s vegan margarine), and I imagine it would also be good with something like peanut butter or perhaps jam if you’re feeling more adventurous (I like jam so it tastes good with anything to me).

Hopefully my next post will contain some insight into future career or educational paths – be it a better idea of what I want to do or a better idea of what I do NOT want to do (both would be helpful). As a side note, I also think I’ll be switching to this font for a while.

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