HoCho Fest Day 4: Aphrodite’s Delight

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This, the fourth day of my hot chocolate adventures, marked the first day I was unable to finish my treat! However, the gained knowledge of this location will surely benefit my happiness in the future, and I will certainly be returning to try another of their Hot Chocolate Festival items in the weeks to come. Today I visited Cocoa Nymph!

I was instantly comfortable upon entering the tiny hideaway near the street corner: It was cozy, it felt like a grandma’s house, and it was full of handmade chocolate.

The featured item today was Aphrodite’s Delight, a vegan almond milk hot chocolate accented by a mango-rosemary blend and paired with vegan chocolate fudge (wow)! I had already started falling for the place itself, so I eagerly ordered the day’s treat.
Made from 72% dark chocolate, with mango rosemary puree and almond milk
(vegan and dairy free).
Served with a side of rosemary anise fudge.

I started with the fudge – it was a thick and chewy texture (yum yum), and was strongly flavoured with the rosemary and anise combination. If you enjoy exotic flavours such as anise, it is a unique fudge in my limited fudge experience! I personally would have enjoyed more chocolate (heh heh).
Then, I moved forth to the hot chocolate. It was very thick and sat heavy on the tongue with its dark chocolate flavour. There were noticeable, but understated and not overwhelming, rosemary undertones to it. I struggled to pick out any of the mango flavour, and eventually resolved to just continue drinking it!
Unfortunately, the rosemary undertones in combination with the side of flavourful fudge (small, but fudge generally overwhelms me) saturated my taste buds quickly and rendered me feeling unable to complete the entire treat. 
While I fear the red wine reduction could leave me saturated again, I think my next Cocoa Nymph treat will be “Bacchu’s Dream” in the last week of the festival! Or something else in between – yes, that sounds good…

Be back soon!

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