HoCho Fest Day 3: My Funny Valentine

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With books on my back, I traveled today to Blenz Coffee (one of four participating locations) for a new hot chocolate festival experience. The familiar wooden interior and ambience of “studying” greeted me, and I examined my two options: “Mint To Be” and “My Funny Valentine”. I went with the latter as it described dark chocolate and sounded as though it would be yummy with almond milk (my Achilles heel, evidently).

A 50% dark Belgian chocolate with ginger.
Served with a mini chocolate croissant. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to speak to the mini chocolate croissant’s contribution – they had run out! I had been looking forward to a cute-sized treat alongside my cup of deliciousness. Beyond that, however, there is the focus of my visit to Blenz: The beverage!
The hot chocolate was served warm, but not hot – almost past the point of being “just right”, but that is besides the point of taste, as it was very manageable to drink this way. My first taste was potent with ginger flavour and a dark chocolate undertone. My second and third sips introduced more balance in flavours, and the chocolate and ginger began to mesh more effectively as I became more accustomed to the strong ginger. It had a thick chocolaty and gingery aftertaste which left my tastebuds saturated and content. The almond milk worked with this drink as well – I do not believe Blenz uses sweetened almond milk, so it did not add any unnecessary sweetness to the ginger syrup and melted chocolate combination. An artistic touch on the top of the drink and a most excellent job aerating the milk to its fluffy state brought it all together, and would result in me returning for another, but perhaps with only one pump of ginger instead of two.

I would also be interested in trying the Mint To Be option, but perhaps with dark chocolate if possible!

What shall day four bring?

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