2 Year Vegiversary: Chinatown

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This weekend was one that would be full of studying for my upcoming midterm. To ensure I had my heart-warming fix of family, I studied up until the weekend and, on Saturday, I was able to finally get a visit in with my dad!

In addition to celebrating finally getting to see one another, there was another occasion to take note of: My 2 year anniversary of vegetarianism! It has been an interesting and educational and ‘fruitful’ (ha) journey, and I like to have an excuse to go find some treats to eat. On the suggestion of a friend, we vouched for a restaurant coinciding with our plans to visit Chinatown: Jade Dynasty Restaurant.

We enjoyed a splatter of vegetarian options – my dad didn’t order any meat, either! – and then proceeded to explore the area a little. The Cultural Centre was very interesting, and had a gallery featuring two artists that focused on the theme of trees.


After walking through the whole of the centre, we explored the gardens outside, then visited a couple of the shops around the main block of the sub-city in Vancouver.


We discussed my possible future plans with regards to school and involvement and all of that fun stuff, and made our way to a Hot Chocolate Festival location to indulge in some post-brunch dessert at Thomas Haas Chocolates

It was a much-needed catch-up, and was a nice prelude to a stressful Sunday and Monday.
Speaking of Monday…

I was hired as a Residence Advisor! At the end of a long day of hearing no news, I was informed that the computer system had lost my phone number, and I was hired in-person. After much emotional and stressful deliberation, I have decided to accept my offer and take on the new challenges and opportunities associated with the RezLife employee role.

On to new adventures! After RHA elections…

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