Last Weekend: Food

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Last weekend was one full of delicious meals and baking adventures. I shall summarize below:
Marble Swirl Chocochip Banana Bread (CCK Recipe) – baked
with AA while we caught up on life and drank tea.

A sushi-filled double date with the sister and our novios!
Sushi Topia is captained by a pleasant man who makes
very delicious food – even for us veggie-heads!
It was Waffle Gone Wild!’s 1-year anniversary event –
we just happened to stop by for brunch on the right day!
We were allowed to burst a balloon to find a giveaway
inside – we ended up with free ice cream.
J and M both ordered the Banana
Nutella waffles – mmmm, chocolate.
Delicious Bombay Chai tea.


I went for the Cinnamon Apple option!

(Not quite the weekend…) On Monday, I baked vegan cookies for my council meeting! Which was followed by my first full staff meeting as a future advisor – I got to meet my future team! It was very exciting, and all of my future colleagues seem like fun and kind people. The cookies were also great – adopted from a CCK recipe with added Ener-G Egg Replacer to see if they would fluff up. They did!

A tour around campus to take some
photos the other day led me to what
I consider a sure sign of impending
Spring – blooming daffodils! =D

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