The First 6 Weeks

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It has been a turbulent few weeks for me as the school year has begun to gain momentum. I’ve struggled with adjusting to my new roles, likely as a result of the requirements laid out by some commitments that required completion within one or two weeks of the year kicking off. While I know that a deadline means that completion will come eventually, it has been difficult to see beyond those deadlines at times; however, some have passed, and I am able to feel the ability to manage my life returning to me.

The first six weeks of being at school is a time of transition and readjustment for all; but those weeks are outlined as a particularly critical period for residents and the residence advisors, because those six weeks will set the ‘tone’ for the rest of the year.

Amidst the requirements of my positions, I have some personal goals for the first six weeks:

  1. Schedule my hours until my routine develops.
    I have been struggling with finding the motivation to sit down and establish my study routine, and I believe that some structured study time – as informed by a calendar schedule to-be arranged – will help me return to a natural study rhythm. Additionally, time for my extracurricular requirements will be structured around that time to ensure that I don’t forget about them.
  2. Be conscientious of my eating habits.
    Throughout my health journey over the past two years, I have become much more aware of the way my body feels and performs in response to consuming certain things. During my stresses and anxieties of the first few weeks of school, I have acknowledged my body’s cravings and responses – and promptly ignored them several times. My eating habits are far from the horrors they could be, but when I eat a primarily vegan diet, exercise daily, and have spent months making my body accustomed to a certain “cleanliness” of diet – my body desires good things, and responds poorly to my neglect of it.
    I need to eat meals that fill me with fibre, protein, and enough carbs to keep me mentally active. My snacks should be primarily clean ones with minimal “fake” components (for example, not indulging too often in my love of Mio-enhanced water). Fluids are a must, and will ideally be a nearly-even split between tea and regular water.
  3. Plan ahead.
    It has become apparent that if I am planning ahead, my life is generally in a manageable state. My thoughts are that if I plan ahead regardless of my life’s manageability, I will produce a manageable state! At least a little. It will give me more opportunities to see what is ahead, and at least not be totally caught off guard by obligations and events that are coming up.
    – Calendars
    – Day planners
    – Looking at class schedules

With these simple strategies, I think I will find the remaining 3/6 weeks will come to a more peaceful and less chaotic close than the first 3/6 weeks have passed by in a flurry of.

Here’s to hoping!

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