Blog Update: Time to Streamline

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Through the beginning of my blogging journey, I have enjoyed documenting a variety of topics: My trips, the restaurants I’ve visited, events I’ve attended, and personal goals and planning (with ideas for others included).

I am passionate about my photography and my fitness and my food adventures, and I want those to all be aspects of this blog – however, I’ve decided that they need to be streamlined topics. Thus far, I have been clumping all of my subject matter together, and I believe that a more structured post format will result in

  • Shorter entries (more appealing to read and look at)
  • More easily-searched for topics (food, photography, organizational tips)
  • A more frequently-updated blog!
It will take some figuring out, but in the next few weeks I hope to see my posts become more organized in the way I am trying to organize the rest of my life (which has been going well so far!).

Until then,

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