Pumpkin Challenge: Day 1 (Introduction)

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Welcome to my 3rd (4th?) annual Pumpkin Challenge!

You are invited to join me in the documentation of a challenge that I have taken on since it was proposed to me by a friend many moons ago – the Pumpkin Challenge. For the month of October, I will endeavour to consume one item that contains pumpkin in some way; it could be a beverage, a baked good, a specialty tea, an ice cream, a butter, or – inevitably as past years have shown me – sushi! 

Today marks the first day of the challenge, and as it is the first week of midterms for me, I decided to indulge in a slightly-caffeinated and warm treat for a cold, windy day: A chai-pumpkin-almond-milk latte with cinnamonSimple, sweet, and cozy on a day where my mental strength is both at its most determined and most fragile – two days before two midterms, and this seemed like a simple way to warm up my body while also cooling down an overheated brain.



Yes, those are adorable little lady bugs crawling up the side of – no, you are not mistaken – a tea-cup cozy! Courtesy of my grandma.

They were justified in wanting to be a part of the magic that is the Pumpkin Challenge.

YOU, TOO, can be a part of the magic! Feel free to join me starting at any point, or take one day to indulge in a pumpkiny treat with me, or take on the month-long challenge for yourself!

Continue to check back for more pumpkin updates as the month goes on!
The treats will also be viewable on Instagram,
along with the October Green Smoothie Challenge.

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