Pumpkin Challenge: Day 2

In a Tizzy Avatar
I find it challenging to successfully multiply the quantities of a recipe by more than two; So taking a single-serving recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie and making seven of them did not go perfectly.

However… Chocolate makes everything okay. Always.

Chocolate-chip pumpkin cupcakes.

I pulled this recipe (as I will many more times this month) from CCK, and having never done it before, was pleased with my results! My most likely culprit in the cupcakes not behaving was an incorrect ratio of liquid to all-other ingredients, and I knew as I put the batter into the tins that it would not turn out as a normal, fluffy cupcake.

HOWEVER, I was not incorrect in believing that chocolate would solve my problems once again – because it did! I threw them in the oven, pulled them out, found that the consistency was not as awkward as I had expected, and then added Daiya Foods cream cheese and enjoyed!

Day 2 was mostly successful.

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