Pumpkin Challenge: Day 3

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Today felt like a day for sharing.

In spite of my fatigue, the glorious feeling of being free of two midterms in a two-hour span inspired a batch of cookies for today’s pumpkin item!

The recipe these were pulled from Chocolate-Covered Katie (again, as usual, forever), but instead of leaving them raw, CC and I decided to bake them – because who doesn’t love melty chocolate chips in their cookies? (It’s okay if you don’t love that, but I cannot understand it.)

The cookies were described by a friend as a “pumpkin spice latte in a cookie”, which sounds like a really excellent compliment to me. Dairy-free, soy-free, whole-wheat and oaty – even almond-free! I used a quinoa-rice milk, and have been really enjoying the results of it in my baking this last week; these pumpkin cookies were no exception.

We were all over the kitchen tonight – pumpkin cookies were one delicious outcome, and another post will describe another adventure that was taken on for the first time ever!

Until then,

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