Pumpkin Challenge: Day 5

In a Tizzy Avatar

For the last two weeks, I have found that no day feels like any particular day of the week. On a given day, I could wake up and easily believe it was Monday, Friday, or some time in the weekend. Today, however, was different – today felt like a Sunday! 

With a sense of it being Sunday comes the feeling of flexible mornings and easy, productive afternoons (in my personal experience). In it being a Sunday, that meant that my October food challenges were pushed towards the afternoon and evening of today, resulting in a bit of a rush on my pumpkin item!

It was about 9:45PM and I still didn’t have a pumpkin item made – and I had just played football and was already on my way back out the door! Protein was in order, but so was pumpkin. THUS, I took T.I. up on a pumpkin smoothie recipe tip, and took on the not-so-daunting task of blending up a protein smoothie before dashing out the door again.

A few ingredients were left out of the smoothie, but it was deliciously smooth, creamy, and full of protein to help get my legs healed up after sprinting off and on for an hour!

Another pumpkiny success – 1/6ish of the way through the challenge!

Until next time…

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