Pumpkin Challenge: Day 6

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This is an approximation of my resting thought pattern throughout the day. Unable to neglect my craving any longer, I scoured Chocolate-Covered Katie for a recipe that would be both chocolaty and fairly healthy, so as not to leave me feeling empty even after consuming the chocolate.

I found The One after a pumpkin-focused search: Vegan Pumpkin-Pie Brownies.

These brownies are distinctly chocolaty and pumpkin-pie-esque at the same time, and the combination is oh-so beautiful. It makes me wonder if I could do some sort of pumpkin-spice mocha or a pumpkin-spice hot chocolate with successful (i.e., delicious) results.

I went for the two-bite brownie style of snacking, rather than the more traditional square brownie – I wanted to easily share them with my advising team, and my mini-muffin pan has an almost-perfect amount of space for this purpose!

Where might tomorrow take my taste buds?
I suppose we shall have to wait…

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