Pumpkin Challenge: Day 8

In a Tizzy Avatar

Halfway through the week, the sun out after a nice, cool morning, and hosting a music exchange event felt like a good day to share more than just good music – it felt like a day to share pumpkin muffins.

In a Pumpkin Challenge plot twist, I did not use a CCK recipe today! I altered a “Skinny Pumpkin Muffin” recipe to make it vegan. I made a batch of mini muffins and used leftover batter to make two small pumpkin “loaves” (though they were not very bread-like in their density – much more like banana bread!).

I quite enjoyed this recipe, and would likely return to it – the smell of pumpkin in the kitchen and the aroma that followed me and my freshly-baked goodies was enough to make me want to make it at least three more times.

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