Pumpkin Challenge: Days 9 and 10

In a Tizzy Avatar
The last couple of days have been demanding, so the Pumpkin Challenge was not updated accordingly – HOWEVER, I always make time to include pumpkin in my October days! Thusly, there is an update for each day.

Thursday was a busy day, so I sought out an easy recipe that happened to coincide with my plain, leftover pasta – vegan. pumpkin. mac n’ cheese.


I could not believe it, but it was delicious. As always, a thank-you to Chocolate-Covered Katie for this unique and healthy vegan twist on a classic snack/meal. It was very filling, but in the nutritious sort of way – have you experienced the difference I am speaking of here? There is a difference between filling = too much food, and filling = your body has taken in what it needs (in my experience, at least). This pasta did the latter sort of filling for me.

Today – FRIDAY. It felt like one of the most necessary of Fridays this term so far, and my craving for a cookie-esque treat was piquing around 8PM. To satisfy this craving, I chose to go with a no-bake pumpkin oatmeal cookie recipe. Quick, easy, and did not require the oven (which was occupied by a butternut squash being roasted with cinnamon!).

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