Pumpkin Challenge: Day 11

In a Tizzy Avatar

Ahhhh, the long weekend has finally arrived.

With haste, I made my way home today to take part in a bit of decompression and relaxation away from the bubble of school and work. I knew that pumpkin purée was at my disposal, but I was not sure what I would be making for the challenge today – in a lovely coincidence, someone allowed me to take a break from pumpkin-item creation by bringing over a Thanksgiving treat for my family.

The surprise treat that took pumpkin responsibility off of my shoulders? 

Pumpkin cake.


The experience of eating this cake can best be described, I believe, as what eating a fluffy pumpkin pie would be like. A fluffy pumpkin pie sprinkled with raisins and accents of citrus, as it was lightly flavoured with orange zest. An aroma of cinnamon and citrus notes emanated from the dish every time the lid was lifted off of it.

This cake allowed for a little bit more relaxing, studying, and reflection to be done – and it also meant that there was a cake for me to eat. That alone makes it great – the flavours and time-saving aspects merely enhance the magic of it.

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