Pumpkin Challenge: Day 14

In a Tizzy Avatar

My energy levels have been waxing and waning fairly rapidly in the last little while, and yesterday was much more of a “waning” day – so for the pumpkin challenge, I took to the Tassimo machine.

I mixed up a combination of pumpkin, homemade pumpkin spice, and soy eggnog (‘TIS THE SEASON!) with half of an Americano to offer me a little bit of energy to power through a couple more hours of studying during the latter part of the day.

These sorts of drinks will likely creep into more of my days as the rain continues to fall – I enjoy the gloomy weather, to a degree, as it allows me to indulge in those gloomy practices that are actually (for me) somewhat enjoyable. Things such as warm drinks, fuzzy socks, sitting by a window to watch the clouds roll around, and even taking a few moments to be melancholy every so often.

Pumpkins seem destined to be made into warm treats, and I will use this to my advantage during these rainy October days.

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