Pumpkin Challenge: Day 15

In a Tizzy Avatar

A day late! Clearly, I am not on my pumpkin posting game.

Yesterday seemed to carry with it a need for therapeutic baking, because three of the six people living in my flat decided to make baked goods at the same time yesterday evening!

I certainly needed something delicious and melodic to soothe my busy mind, so I took to my recipe files and found a new vegan pumpkin cookie recipe to try.

These cookies turned out way better than I had anticipated! I accidentally left them in the oven for a bit too long, and yet when I pulled them out and observed their condition, they were perfectly cooked and had risen a little in the oven (something I often find doesn’t happen with my vegan baking).

Once I had the opportunity to try them after they had cooled, I was even more delighted to find that they were not overly chewy and were soft and chocolatey to bite into. They were very pumpkiny and looked beautiful amongst the brownies and cookies that were piling up in our little kitchen.

These will be a nice go-to treat for the next few days!

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