Pumpkin Challenge: Day 16

In a Tizzy Avatar

Almost Friday.

One more big push before the freedom of Friday. Not enough sleep, an emotional hangover, and a need for something to get me through the morning – what could help with all of these conditions?

Pumpkin pie in a bowl.

Another beauty from Chocolate-Covered Katie.

 The original recipe did not specify making it warm, but in her pumpkin recipe post, CCK listed this item as “hot pumpkin cereal”, and that is how I chose to consume mine! It was a very simple procedure of blending the ingredients together and letting them sit in order to thicken – my cereal of choice was fairly textured and filling on its own (it’s Edge Protein, in case you’re wondering), so this pumpkin number was just the ticket to get me powered up for the morning – I didn’t even finish it in one go! I came back to finish it later once I became hungry again.

I am happy to say that I survived this day despite the fatigue that constantly threatened to wipe me out – waves of energy and inspiration hit me here and there, and that is a sign that my attitude is at least in a good place, even if stress sometimes gets to me.

Something that the pumpkin challenge has offered me is the knowledge that pumpkin things can usually relieve stress.

Until tomorrow!

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