Pumpkin Challenge: Day 20

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The Pumpkin Challenge has reached an approximate 2/3 completion, and the majority of the last 20 days have consisted of baked goods. They have been delicious, they have been vegan, they have been relatively healthy in comparison to the average baked good.


it felt necessary to have something a little more savoury today, a little more cooked than baked in its goodness – something that was not a snack, but a meal!

Cue: Veggie Thai Chick’n Pumpkin Soup

This soup was one of those grab-what-you-think-tastes-good out of the fridge kind of deals, so I grabbed a few items that didn’t seem like they would strongly disagree with each other being in the same soup: Pumpkin (obviously), almond milk, vegetable broth, snap peas, ginger…. Hm, it seemed that I was missing something, something that would satisfy my craving to chew that I was experiencing.

Search the freezer, where all random and useful food items are stored…

Ah! Vegetarian thai chicken from my favourite Calgary Farmer’s Market stop: Heart’s Choices!

I thew it all into a slow cooker and left it for less than an hour, and – as I had hoped – the chicken became very tender, like pulled pork, and offered up a lovely texture to make the meal feel more substantial and satisfying.

After so many baked goods, this was just what I needed for my end-of-day meal and pumpkin item!

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