Pumpkin Challenge 2016: Days 4-6

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Since 2011, every October I embark on a month-long journey to consume something with pumpkin in it, in some form, every day.


Day 4: Chai Pumpkin Latte, Starbucks


A day with many activities led to a last-minute trip for a deliciously easy item.

Starbucks has made a few staple appearances throughout past challenges, and this year is no different. I tend to play it pretty cool with the pumpkin life at Starbucks due to the dairy in the pumpkin spice syrup and the sheer mass of the pastries, but on a night where studying would go late and pumpkin hadn’t found its way into my day… Wasn’t our next step obvious? I have taken to a half-sweet chai with half a pump of pumpkin spice to keep the sweetness at bay but to ensure a flavourful fun time is still had.



Day 5: Pumpkin Pie MatchaDavid’s Tea


This was a messy one.

I haven’t much experience with matcha or matcha mixing, but I decided to go for it when I saw that this David’s Tea option had real-deal pumpkin in the mix (versus pumpkin-shaped candies) and no dairy! I also bought a matcha mixer/frother and feel it was a worthy investment; I have some practicing to do, though.

It was pretty delicious – naturally a bit sweet, but bitter with the green tea. I will be doing more experimentation in both the beverage side of things and the baking side by including this in a few recipes, I think!


Day 6: Mini Pumpkin TartWhole Foods


I tried to go savoury for this day, but fate would have novelty emerge in another form.

In tiny form.

T.I. (not the one you might be thinking of) and I went to Whole Foods in search of pumpkin and decided to grab dinner instead while keeping our eyes peeled for some savoury pumpkin goodness. I wasn’t prepared to buy a pumpkin cheesecake slice or to have a whole cupcake, and no savoury options presented themselves, but as I was about to surrender hope, I spotted the tiniest tarts I ever did see, and one of them was pumpkin.

They were the perfect snack size and tasted so delicious! Setting up these very small items for their photoshoot was a fun time and I would go back for more petite pastry mouth parties.


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