Pumpkin Challenge 2016: Days 7-9

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Since 2011, every October I embark on a month-long journey to consume something with pumpkin in it, in some form, every day.


Day 4: Pumpkin S’mores Bar, Edible Flours



I want to show A.B. the world over the next eight months. Edible Flours became a part of this mission on Friday.

Edible Flours is a natural, vegan bakery located nice and close to home, and they make such delicious food for when you need a pick-me-up or a pumpkin goody for your personal pumpkin challenge.


I opted for the most time-sensitive option available: Pumpkin S’mores Bar. There may have been pumpkin in the bar itself, but the visible pumpkin came in the form of pumpkin-flavoured vegan marshmallows. While I very much appreciate what was going on in theory, I found the bar to be overly sweet for my taste – if you have a sweet tooth, this might be your jam. I think it would have been optimal with some sort of neutral, crunchy layer in it.

There is almost a 100% chance I’ll be back for their pumpkin cinnamon roll (pictured) and other pumpkin offerings before the month is out.


Day 8: Pumpkin Spice Mini Wheats, Kellogg’s


Fairly simple for today – decided to check pumpkin off the list of to-dos early on with some Frosted Mini Wheats. I mixed them with puffed chocolate quinoa/rice cereal in almond milk! Quite the intense pumpkin spice flavour, though there appears to be no pumpkin in the ingredients list… Fear not, I snacked on tomorrow’s pumpkin item as a safety net.



Day 9: Mini Pumpkin Tarts, Grandma’s kitchen


My grandma makes the best pastry for pies.

She makes a lot of great baked goods, but her pies are an especially magical product of her culinary expertise. These miniature pumpkin tarts are the perfect amount of pumpkin pie after a very filling meal, or in between meals, or for breakfast, or for a night-time snack…



Honorary item from the first two days of the challenge: Pumpkin Spice Cookies, Pillsbury




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  1. homemadewithmess

    That’s a lot of pumpkin!! – All looks great though

    Liked by 1 person

    1. momentsnmotion

      Thank-you! It is a worthwhile challenge, and I haven’t yet become sick of pumpkin after all of these years of doing it. 🙂


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