Pumpkin Challenge 2016: Days 10-14

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Since 2011, every October I embark on a month-long journey to consume something with pumpkin in it, in some form, every day.


Day 10: Pumpkin CrispsLesley Stowe


It had been a few days of sweet pumpkin treats when I found myself Monday evening without a pumpkin item off of my to-eat list. However, after digging through my cupboard, I found one of my back-up pumpkin snacks: Raincoast Crisps!

I love these as snacks any time of year in the other flavours they offer, but these seasonal pumpkin ones full of seeds and chewy goodness were just the ticket for a late-night snack after day 2 of Thanksgiving dinner. I topped them with Daiya Foods vegan cream cheese and enjoyed.


Day 11: Pumpkin Choco Chip CookiesRunning with Spoons


One of my meetings ran fairly efficiently on this Tuesday afternoon, so I suggested we make cookies for the remainder of our time together. We found a pumpkin spicy recipe online and proceeded to make some very chewy, delicious, and super-chocolate-chippy oatmeal cookies!


Day 12: Pumpkin Banana BreadHealth


My mom supports my pumpkin endeavours during October and sends me almost any pumpkin recipe she comes across. Today, I decided to grab one of them and veganize it for my daily item.


I opted to ditch the chocolate chips (what?) to try to make it less “sweet” and more “breakfast appropriate”, but it really is semi-healthy banana bread with pumpkin in it, ultimately! I replaced yogurt and egg ingredients with bananas and chia seeds+water, and I think it turned out fairly well. I have hit-and-miss success with vegan banana bread in terms of cooking all the way through full loaves, but this one turned out really well! I will probably definitely be adding chocolate chips next time, or a chocolate spread…


Day 13: Pumpkin Flax Granola, Nature’s Path


I brought my pumpkin to work today, and mixed some Nature’s Path organic Pumpkin Flax Granola with my bean-based and chocolate cereal mix to disrupt the texture and sweetness of the granola somewhat.


I love granola, but find it somewhat overwhelmingly sweet and dense oftentimes, but this granola was actually quite light and not-too-sweet, so with the added mixture of other less-sweet cereals, it was a perfect snack with some unsweetened almond milk in the middle of the day.


Day 14: Pumpkin CroquetteSun Sushi


Today’s stop was reserved for a special visitor from the YYZ, because it is one that I have probably made every year since stumbling upon this pumpkin item during my first or second Pumpkin Challenge. Essentially, I see this as pumpkin tempura – it is so good.


It is crispy on the outside and super soft and sweet (in a squash kind of way) on the inside. You don’t need to dip this in any sauce to enjoy it!

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