Pumpkin Challenge 2016: Days 15-17

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Since 2011, every October I embark on a month-long journey to consume something with pumpkin in it, in some form, every day.


Day 15: Pumpkin Cocoa w/ Vegan Pumpkin Marshmallows, Sillycow Farms + Dandies

I must say, this has been a highlight of my challenge so far (thanks, Mom!).

On a late night that was full of wind and rain, my mom reminded me that I had pumpkin spice hot cocoa (dairy-free!) and vegan pumpkin spice marshmallows. So, while the lighting may appear a bit warm in nature, the odd colouring of these marshmallows comes from their natural pumpkin flavouring! This was a very delicious experience and vegan marshmallows are the exact same marshmallow experience as their non-vegan counterparts, I would encourage trying them out!


Day 16: Pumpkin Loaf, Breka Bakery


It had been a long and emotional day.

I had my eyes set on a particular pastry recommended by a friend who I was meeting later. It was to be retrieved from a 24-hour bakery near her house.

Cue scene: I walk into the bakery to find it buzzing but not overly busy. A few folks admire pastries and two stand in line. I hop in line behind them having identified the pumpkin mousse cake that I desire.

I wait for 10 minutes as the first person in line is slowly, slowly served.

I wait for 5 more minutes as the next person in line is slowly served.

I watch the other employee(s) putter around the back of the store. Where is the slowness coming from?

My turn arrives. I step up and request a single pumpkin mousse cake and am charged for the item. The clerk runs to grab it.

Another clerk arrives to take orders from the person behind me.

The clerk returns and informs me that the mousse cakes are gone. “There were two there just a few minutes ago, weren’t there?” I ask, feeling my tested patience turn into a vice on my head.

The clerk glances sadly at the box being packed for the person who was in line behind me: The only two remaining pumpkin mousse cakes in the store are in that box.

“I can check to see if there are more in the back…” There weren’t.

I’d like to think I am above the rage that boiled inside me, but I wasn’t. I calmly and disappointedly asked for the pumpkin loaf that remained in the window, and she charged me $1.25 less than the listed price. I leave feeling utterly defeated by the entire day.

However, the loaf was delicious.

HOWEVER, I will be back for what I feel was unjustly swiped from beneath my pumpkin-seeking eyes. I shan’t let this experience taint my entire impression of what I’ve heard is a wonderful and always-prepared-to-serve bakery.


Day 17: Pumpkin Pasta SauceBudget Bytes


I almost caved and took the easy way out for day 17. However, I knew my body needed more than something baked or something sweet, so I mustered some energy to make  something healthier and more savoury for the challenge!

U.B. had sent me a recipe from a local café for some pumpkin sauce, and I decided to try it out with my beloved edamame pasta noodles. The sauce was pretty easy to make (despite not having dairy butter or cream), and I could taste the nutrients! They were some delicious nutrients.


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