Pumpkin Challenge 2016: Days 18-20

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Since 2011, every October I embark on a month-long journey to consume something with pumpkin in it, in some form, every day.


Day 18: Pumpkin Seeds en Salada, Dining Room


Today’s was a simple one – make a salad, throw some pumpkin seeds on it! I like to make sure that pumpkin seeds get a solo appearance at some point, because they are great.


Day 19: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Starbucks at home


As a part of a wonderful and much-needed pick-me-up pumpkin care package from out of province, I received some at-home pumpkin spice latte mix, and indulged in that a bit.


This pumpkin item was featured inside one of my favourite mugs and alongside a new piece of decor that I think will be making an appearance in most of my challenge photos from here on.


Day 20: Matcha Pumpkin Cookies, Food.com


These might look frightening, but they taste great.

I found this vegan recipe online and was pleased to see how much pumpkin would be going into it! The recipe didn’t actually call for matcha, but I replaced some flour ingredients with it because it was my vision to have a pumpkin pie matcha powder from David’s Tea in some form of baked good this month!


The recipe was very liquids-based with 2 cups of pumpkin purée and apple sauce in place of sugar. The cookies are very ooey-gooey as a result, but I’ve had positive feedback so far – the matcha has a bit of bitterness that cuts the sweetness of the pumpkin and apple somewhat, and despite their spooky appearance they are full of chocolate-chippy goodness.

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