12 Days of Plant-Based Cookies: Day 2

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A short-term challenge for the month of December courtesy of Earth Balance! I am pretty excited to have some motivation to do some vegan baking this month. Some of the recipes are out of order from the website’s sequence, but I’ll make sure we cover everything.


Gingerbread Cookies

These are so good.

Very-close-to-right out of the oven, they were already tasting pretty delectable, but when I tried them the next day, they had the chewy and almost-but-not-quite sticky texture of the gingerbread cookies you might buy at a coffee shop. What was possibly missing was the coconut sugar coating, but I was missing this key ingredient and thus settled for a coat-less batch.

I don’t often rave about my vegan recipe productions, but this one turned out about as well as I could have hoped! Highly recommended.

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