12 Days of Plant-Based Cookies: Day 3

In a Tizzy Avatar

A short-term challenge for the month of December courtesy of Earth Balance! I am pretty excited to have some motivation to do some vegan baking this month. Some of the recipes are out of order from the website’s sequence, but I’ll make sure we cover everything.


Chocolate PB Bark with…. “Pretzels”

These are not so much cookies as chunks of sweet and salty goodness.

I used my miniature CrockPot for the first time to melt some dark chocolate with cacao nibs in it, and melted some Earth Balance peanut butter, and made some swirls. They were meant to have pretzels on them, and I can see how how that would be good…. However, I did not have pretzels in my cupboards or in the most conveniently-located stores, so I was forced to choose the only other salty alternative nearby: Multigrain Tostitos. I have been told by all who have tried them that they are still winners!


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