12 Days of Plant-Based Cookies: Days 4 + 5

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A short-term challenge for the month of December courtesy of Earth Balance! I am pretty excited to have some motivation to do some vegan baking this month. Some of the recipes are out of order from the website’s sequence, but I’ll make sure we cover everything.


Dark Chocolate “Walnut” Cookies


A few substitutions later, and here were the results.

The recipe called for many oats, but I used flour, and it called for walnuts, but I used pecans. In the end, I believe I missed out on some fun texture but still had a delicious batch of cookies – simple and good.



Vegan Eggnog Cookies


I dropped the ball on what I hoped would be the best recipe of the whole bunch.

This recipe was so exciting to me! I love vegan eggnog. The batter was tasting pretty good, but I could feel it turning to glue as I tried to mix in some liquid – I think the biggest problem was in neglecting to mix the leavening agent at the right time, so the dough remained doughy even after baking.

I will try these again one day, though, because there is TOO MUCH potential to not give it another go!




2 responses

  1. BeaFreitas

    Yummy yum! Looks delicious!


    1. momentsnmotion

      The pecan ones were great! Eggnoggers will have to wait for their day to shine.


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