$20 Coupon for PHOTOJOJO!

In a Tizzy Avatar

If you haven’t already heard me talk about Photojojo, you haven’t seen me struggle to articulate my love for a website.

I believe that if Photojojo was a single person, we would be best friends. However, Photojojo is a culmination of a multitude of different people from across the US (and maybe a few in Canada and other places, too?) that must be the best people there are! They are the exclamation points of the people world and they have led to a website and blog and social media presence that have this irresistibly pleasant personality. They also carry a lot of super neat gadgets and accessories and photography/phoneography* gear in their store.

*Phoneography is the practise of phone photography. It’s a very PJJ word.

Click the following link to get a $20 coupon to their store to spend on you or someone you like by Friday, December 18!
I don’t want to come across too obnoxiously by trying to push this coupon, but I have already become a devoted fan and loyal advocate of Photojojo, so having a gift to share with you all is my pleasure.
Use it before Friday!

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