24 Days of Tea: 1 – 6

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Last year, my mom and I shared DAVIDsTEA’s 24 Days of Tea journey together. This year, my mom is too far away to share the same tin each day with me, so I had to go it alone this time around!


Join me for a cup of tea?


Day 1: Let It Snow
Green tea

Starting off the tea advent calendar was this green tea, sweetened by the dried fruit bits and white chocolate mixed into its leaves. The add-ins cut the bitterness of the green tea and made for a smooth drink! The white chocolate ingredients were a bit hard on the sensitive stomach but delicious, nonetheless.


Day 2: Chocolate Macaron
Black tea

A smooth black tea filled with coconut and nuttiness! These teas taste really nice with some sugar and milk added in my opinion – I don’t know if you can go wrong with black teas and adding fun stuff to them!


Day 3: Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait
Fruit infusion

I have enjoyed this tea on a few occasions, and it does not disappoint! Slightly sweetened already, I don’t like to add anything else to it, as the sweetener and fruits (evidenced by the tea’s colour) make it extremely enjoyable already! It reminds me of Aphrodite’s strawberry shubarb pies


Day 4: Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine
Green tea

Full of leafy, greeny goodness, this bitter green tea is nice with a bit of honey and makes you feel all clean and refreshed from the inside out! If you’re a fan of truly green tea, you will almost certainly enjoy this one.


Day 5: Glitter and Gold
Black tea

DAVIDsTEA is really pushing the glitz and glam with this flavour this holiday season! How can they not, with its flecks of gold candy inside? I first tried this tea back in my second year of university, when I was starting to explore tea outside of vanilla rooibos and Earl Grey, and it has continued to impress. It has a bit of sweet and smooth with the bitterness of black tea – I like mine with some sugar and (cashew) milk!


Day 6: Organic North African Mint
Green tea

This is a lovely tea for days when you need to feel refreshed or cleansed, and it has a bit of caffeine if you need a little pick-me-up! It is full of ingredients that make you feel warm and healthy and is my go-to when I am sick lately.


See you for the next round of winter warmth!

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    They all sound good..enjoy


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