24 Days of Tea: 7 – 12

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Last year, my mom and I shared DAVIDsTEA’s 24 Days of Tea journey together. This year, my mom is too far away to share the same tin each day with me, so I had to go it alone this time around!


Join me for a cup of tea?


Day 7: Organic Saigon Chai
Black tea

This chai was full of spicy goodness and certainly affirmed my belief that it is hard to go wrong with chai. I like to sweeten and milk my chais up (I am known to like my chai lattes quite a bit), and this one with a bit of sweetness kept its spices and flavours and they all blended together with a bit of (cashew) milky goodness.


Day 8: Buddha’s Blend
White tea

Despite hearing about this tea many times throughout my interactions with DAVIDsTEA, I had yet to try the flavour myself. It definitely lived up to its reputation, and smelled herbal and floral and was a breath of fresh air for my taste buds and tummy!


Day 9: Forever Nuts
Fruit infusion

Another DAVIDsTEA classic, this one also continues to live up to its reputation.

I haven’t taken the time to enjoy this tea enough, obviously, because it was a delicious mid-afternoon and evening treat! No caffeine means it is safe to enjoy without fear of tarnishing one’s sleep.


Day 10: Walnut Orange Scone
White tea

It was clear from the first smell that this would be an enjoyable cup to have – after an evening of work and some studies, I made a pot of this fruity and aromatic blend and sweetened up its natural bitterness (from the white tea) with some pumpkin seed honey. The honey balanced it out well and made each sip a good time!


Day 11: Alpine Punch

I have enjoyed this tea several times before, and after running out of my own supply was excited to see it in my calendar!

Rooibos teas are some of my favourites, but this one in particular is full of fun flavours like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and fruits that make it refreshing and soothing all at once.


Day 12: Coffee Pu’erh
Pu’erh tea

I wasn’t sure how to feel when I saw this one in the calendar – I do not like coffee.

A friend who is also making her way through 24 Days of Tea assured me that I would be surprised by a more chocolaty and less intensely coffee-like flavour, and she was right! I actually found that I really enjoyed the blend and would probably go out of my way to buy some for myself as a switch-up to my usual tea routine.


I’ll be back soon with part three of the tea journey – it will be a delicious one!

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    Days 8-11 are all excellent 🙂


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