24 Days of Tea: 19 – 25

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Last year, my mom and I shared DAVIDsTEA’s 24 Days of Tea journey together. This year, my mom is too far away to share the same tin each day with me, so I had to go it alone this time around!


Join me for a cup of tea?


Day 19: Organic The Spice Is Right
Green tea

This was a nice, light, and flavourful green tea! The spice truly was right with chilli flakes added to the mix of cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, and other natural flavours. A bit of honey and I was good to go!


Day 20: Carrot Cupcake

I was pretty excited about this flavour as someone who is enthusiastic about real-deal carrot cake, PLUS it is a rooibos tea! While I did find it pleasant, I wasn’t blown away by the strength of the flavour. Some sweetener and milk made it a bit fuller, but maybe this tea is just naturally a milder one. It had nice cinnamon notes and apparently some liquorice, as well – it is also not 100% dairy-free, which is unfortunate!


Day 21: Hot Chocolate
Pu’erh tea

This tea was being heavily promoted in stores whenever I visited and was being recommended as a delicious tea latte option. I wish it was dairy-free because I would probably buy myself some for the future! Alas, I don’t go out of my way to purchase non-vegan options. The tea was delicious, though, despite its dairy inclusions; with black and pu-erh teas and cocoa nibs, chocolate chips, more chocolate curls, and few other flavours, this tea was as close to hot chocolate as you can probably get!

I would recommend Cocoa Boost as a dairy-free, DAVIDsTEA alternative for chocolatey goodness with some fuel, but I believe it has recently been retired – truly, a tragedy.


Day 22: Candy Cane Crush
Black tea

I love mint!

And black tea, so I was pleased to see this DAVIDsTEA holiday favourite appear in my calendar!  While it, too, has dairy in the white chocolate that gives it some of its fun flavours, I still enjoyed the cup I had in the name of the calendar. It is a sweeter tea, as far as black ones go, with its chocolate and snowflake candies inside, and is flavoured with peppermint and vanilla to round it out! I’m a fan of it with milk and (even more) sweetener.


Day 23: White Cranberry Bark
Fruit infusion

This sounds pretty good, right? Right. It was. I expected this to be a black tea, but was pleasantly surprised to find it was a fruit infusion! It is full of fruits such as apple, papaya, cranberries (obviously), and has added aroma and taste from hibiscus blossoms and the chocolate added in (again, not free of dairy). Some simple sweetening was good for me!


Day 24: Santa’s Secret
Black tea

A perfect way to start the day! No dairy to be found here, either. As someone who does celebrate the Eve of Christmas with my family, this was a nice seasonal flavour (and a favourite of DAVIDsTEA) to enjoy the morning of. It is simple in its black tea with peppermint-y accents, and was enjoyed with just some stevia and almond milk! It also had fun little candy canes inside, visible pre-steep.


Day 25: Hurray!

Thanks for another year of festivi-teas, DAVIDsTEA! The last goody was an ornament and a coupon for $5 my next purchase. Whoop!


If you didn’t notice already, I dropped the ball on my featured image for this article – I brought the last two boxes to the west coast for the holidays and forget them to complete the picture! However, you can still see a cute little winter scene created by flipping each pocket of the calendar around!

Thanks for reading some simple descriptions of yummy things – I hope you’ll do it again the next time I find something delicious to share!

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